Founded 25th of June, 1768 by 253 convicts, sailors and soldiers from England. It was immediately set up in what became known as Port Joseph, named after the Governor's older brother Sir Joseph. Governor Henry Grey is the Captain-General and Governor in Chief of New South Wales. 

The settlement currently has one small fortification, which is a small redoubt built of stone, with a number of artillery pieces looking out to sea. This was named Fort Wellington. It is also the site of the main barracks for the 3rd Brigade soldiers who live in Port Joseph. It is also where the naval shipyard is located, which isn't much but a small quay and a small warehouse with naval supplies.

The Governor's house is small and lies to the side of the main Government house, where most of the legal and civil matters of the colony are sorted.

There is one brothel, which is aboard a private ship and owned by Major Ironskull. It caters only to soldiers and sailors.

There is also one tavern, which is located near the main quay.